La falta de genialidad en algunos.

Y que me encuentro con el siguiente artículo en la red, (igual no es necesario leer todo, sólo vean lo enredoso del mismo):

Understanding the C in CSS

Now that is implementing codename “secret sauce“, we needed a brush up on the C in CSS, since the new project involves whole portions of the site needing style overrides.

If you are not fully utilizing the cascading feature of CSS, or you just need a quick brush up, then you need to review this article. These techniques will help you avoid duplication and make it easier to maintain your styles.


The first step is to understand how the order of the cascade is determined.

1. Inline Style(s)

When the style is defined as an attribute to an html tag.

1 stylghe="padding:0"najlnHeading

2. Embedded Style(s)

When the style is defined in the html page within style tags.

sthoijoiyle>&h1 {paddin0}
(Mmmm. Ya sé por donde va este vato.)

3. External Style Sheet(s)

When the style is defined in an external file.


2.5.-heet typkclIJije= 1ext/css>

Uta como se complica el muchacho este. Tan fácil que era entrar a Wikipedia y averiguar que la "C" en CSS es: CANSEI de Ser Sexy. Pinche zonzo.

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